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What is a web app?

What is a web app?

A web app is a condensed version of your website that will load in a user’s web browser and will offer great functionality. No matter which device the individual is using, your web app will be able to adapt to fit their screen size, so they will get the best experience possible.

As mobile web visits have ranked above desktop web visits over the last four years, ensuring that people have a great user experience when they use their mobile to access your site is vital, and a web app can help you to achieve this.

What are the benefits of a web app?

There are lots of benefits of a web app that will help your company to become an online success. Firstly, as web apps are built to run in web browsers, there is no need for people to download them. This means that you can serve them user-friendly content without them having to download a mobile app which would take up space on their phone. In addition to this, you’ll be able to fix bugs or make amendments without individuals having to update the app on their device, so in many cases they won’t even realise that changes have been made. This also means that any updates you make won’t intervene with their web app usage.

Another benefit of web apps is that they can be accessed by any mobile device as long as it has an internet connection. While mobile apps can only be used by an iOS or Android device, web apps are available to the widest customer base which is ideal if you’re hoping to reach a large audience. In addition to this, web apps are free for individuals so there is nothing to deter them from using yours.

As a company, some of the most desirable web app benefits will be the fact that they are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and can be launched quickly. You don’t need to wait for approval in order to make your web app available to the public, and as they are built using a single codebase there aren’t lots of versions to update each time that you’d like to make a change. This means that once your web app is up and running you can enjoy reaching a large audience without worrying about any associated hassle.


At Blue Bee Solutions, we can help you to create and build a web app that meets your brand guidelines, is super functional, gives your target audience what they’re looking for, and is very easy to manage. This truly is the best way to reach a mobile web audience that is quickly increasing year on year, and to ensure that your products and services are easily accessible to them when they’re browsing on their mobile device, regardless of which one they have or the browser they are using.

Ready to launch your web app? Contact our knowledgeable Salisbury team today and they’ll be happy to help you with your requirements.


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