What is remarketing?

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is an important tool for drawing those who have previously visited your website to come back and complete their journey through your sales funnel. You’ll be aware that people will visit your site, take a look at your products or services, perhaps even add some items to their cart, and then leave, but remarketing offers a way to bring them back. In a nutshell, remarketing serves online ads to these people while they browse other websites which remind them of the time they spent on yours.

Remarketing works by placing a cookie on the individual’s browser which then instructs a remarketing platform to show them the ad – it really is that simple!

What types of remarketing ads can we show?

What types of remarketing ads can we show?

There are a number of different remarketing ad options which you can choose from depending on what you want your ad to achieve. For example, dynamic ads can show the user the products they viewed, or you might prefer for your ad to display the cart they abandoned. You could even choose to include an offer code to tempt them to make a purchase if this is in line with your brand. Not only will these remarketing ads encourage people to complete the desired action, they will also give your company increased exposure and ensure that you’re at the forefront of their mind.

The ads themselves can be made up from images, text, video, or rich media, so you can ensure that they are both on-brand and eye-catching. This also means that they will be completely recognisable as coming from your company, making them relevant to the people they are being shown to.

Is remarketing measurable?

Is remarketing measurable?

When it comes to remarketing you decide on the budget, so you only need to spend money on what is working for you. This will be a learning curve to begin with as you collect the data required to understand what users are responding to, but once you have this information you can be really selective and make the most out of your remarketing budget. You’ll be able to see how many people clicked on your ad, and even how many of those then went on to make a purchase or completed one of your other calls to action.


Getting started on your remarketing strategy can be a bit daunting, but we can help you to manage this with our knowledge and expertise. We can explain the process to you and suggest what kind of ads you should be running, and why we think these would be best suited to your company. We can also help you to design ads that are in line with your branding and will engage customers, as these are the ones that will get those all-important clicks.

Once your remarketing campaigns are in place, we can manage these for you and go through the reports and results while making informed suggestions on what you could try in the future in order to reach your targets.


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