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How to Scale Up Your Facebook Advertising

There’s no doubt that Facebook advertising can deliver tremendous results if you have the right approach and know what you are doing. With billions of users all around the world, getting your marketing message in front of the right people has never been easier.

All you need to do is sign up to Facebook ads and you can immediately get started.

If you have already been trying out Facebook advertising with a small budget and now want to increase your outlay, however, there are some things you might like to consider first. Here are top 5 tips for getting it right.

1. Scale Up Gradually

The chances are your first foray into Facebook ads has gone reasonably well. It’s tempting to forget scaling and simply throw your entire financial weight into the next campaign.

First things first, just because an ad works on a small scale doesn’t mean you’ll get the same response when you up the ante. You might well be putting your eggs in one basket and that could basically mean you’re overcommitted especially if you don’t get as good a return.

When scaling up, we advise you don’t raise your budget by more than 20% at a time. That way you can increase but stay in control at the same time without any nasty surprises.

2. Use Insights

The better you can target your Facebook advertising the more conversions you should see. That’s why it’s important to use all the tools that are available on the platform. One of the more powerful on Facebook is the Audience Insights panel.

There’s a lot of data here and it can provide additional information which you can use to tailor your message, whether you are reaching out to new potential customers or retargeting existing ones.

3. Facebook Pixel and Custom Audiences

To reach a wider audience, you can also use Facebook pixel to track users on your site and monitor what they do after clicking on your ad. Facebook offers a ‘Create a Custom Audience’ tab which you can use to create a lookalike audience to target your ads.

You can also put in other data of your own such as who has downloaded your app or purchased a particular product from your store and Facebook will match up similar demographics.

4. Create Ad Variety

Apart from insights and audience targeting options, it’s also pretty important to boost the variety to your marketing content. Having the same ad run can lead to fatigue if a user sees it again and again.

You’ll get a better ROI if you have different ad sets, perhaps ones using images, others with video or slide shows. This is particularly important if you are retargeting an audience.

5. Global Advertising

When most businesses start to use Facebook Ads, they focus on home markets because their budget is fairly low. Once you decide to scale up, however, it gives you the opportunity to look at worldwide audiences. If you are planning to sell your product or services abroad, it’s best to start with those countries that speak the same language.

If you are translating into another language, it certainly pays to make sure the context and wording is appropriate for that particular marketplace. What sounds fine in English, for example, may not mean exactly the same in Italian, French or Chinese.

Scaling up your Facebook advertising involves more than just adding cash to your marketing budget. You still need to have a sensible approach and you need to continue to measure your approach and adjust your strategy according to the data. Get it right, however, and you can really boost your business and improve conversions.

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