My Week at Blue Bee

Between the second and third year of my degree I wanted to complete as much work experience as I could, to prepare myself for the industry after graduating, develop my skills and experience the process of an agency compared to the project process at University.

I have completed a weeks work experience at Blue Bee Solutions where Mark and the team have made my experience incredibly enjoyable. It has been above and beyond what I could have hoped for. I came to Blue Bee whilst studying a degree in Visual Communications which mainly involves branding, creative advertising campaigns and graphic design. During this last term we had an agency come into the university and teach us how to create our own websites for our portfolios. I thoroughly enjoyed this and thought this could be another avenue of design I want to pursue after graduation. Work experience at Blue Bee has proven this to be true for me because I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with designing website pages.

I have done work experience at a few different agencies however this week has been the best I’ve experienced due to the reason I’ve actually experienced the job I would want after graduation and the agency from a first hand point of view. Instead of just shadowing someone Mark trusted me by throwing me in at the deep end and gave me the very fun brief to redesign a few of the Blue Bee web pages, which actually ended up going live on their website. This experience has been vital to me realising web design is another area I want to pursue.

Blue Bee are a very impressive agency in themselves, however the part that impressed me most is that each person is so specialised to play a specific role in creating the beautiful and successful websites they achieve. Each person is able to produce their portion of the work to such a high standard from designers, to developers, to the marketing and SEO and this shows in the success of their websites.

After this week I could happily see myself working in a company like Blue Bee after I graduate. I have enjoyed it remarkably, they have an incredible team that anyone would be lucky to work amongst, who made me feel immediately comfortable. This week has affirmed to me that web design is definitely something I want to pursue after graduation along with branding. I have enjoyed the week so much that it really has not felt like a job and of course that’s the dream, ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ Blue Bee for me turned out to be much more that just another agencies name to add to my CV. I thoroughly enjoyed it to the point that if I left university tomorrow and continued the work I’d been doing this week there I would be incredibly happy and satisfied.


-Hannah Kent, Second Year Student at Arts University Bournemouth

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