8 Ways Video Can Benefit Your Business

We are accessing more and more content nowadays on smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The days of sitting down in the office and turning on the desktop computer, if not exactly gone, are becoming less of the norm.

We use our smartphones to view a lot of video content nowadays. On Facebook alone, a staggering half a billion of us look at least one or two videos each day. By the end of the decade, it’s estimated that around 80% of all traffic on the internet will be video.

So what does that mean for your business? Here are just a few ways video can be used in your marketing and, hopefully, make a big difference to your bottom line:

1. Add More Personality

Standing out from the crowd may be a cliché but it’s still important in the world of business. Video adds another dimension to your online persona, one which people really want to engage with. Get it right and you can build a strong connection with customers and make not just your website but your social media platforms and other marketing channels a lot more dynamic.

2. Let Customers Have Their Say

There are a variety of ways that you can get your most satisfied customers involved in the marketing of your business. You can encourage user generated content in a variety of ways and highlight the best on your site, for example, by running video competitions across social media.

3. Create Compelling Case Studies

Video is all about bringing your product and services to life. Rather than a simple written case study, how about producing an attractive video that really tells your story. Videos can be posted on your site, on places like YouTube as well as on social media giving you far more reach than with other types of content.

4. Launch New Products

If you can create a slick video for your product launch, the research shows that you’re more likely to achieve better engagement and increase sales. It’s also the perfect medium to show everyone how to use your product and get the best out of it.

5. Provide Expertise

You have a better chance of retaining customers and getting them to come back if you can set yourself up as a leader in your sector. Whether you’re a fashion retailer, provide legal services or run a local hotel, video can help cement your expertise and build your reputation in ways written content can’t.

6. Go Live at Events and Trade Shows

Live streaming has become the norm in recent years but learning how to use it effectively is a whole new marketing skill. If your business attends trade shows or special events, live streaming and video snapshots can keep your fans and followers connected and engaged on social media like Facebook. Using corporate style videos on your stand can also attract attention and encourage visitors to find out more about your product or service.

7. Recruit the Best Candidates

It isn’t just marketing to customers that is important. If you want your business to attract the best candidate for that latest job opportunities, video can help you get your message across in next to no time.

8. Internal Marketing and Training

Finally, you can also use video effectively for all sorts of internal marketing and training. Everything from inductions to health and safety information and staff training can be delivered in this way. It’s more likely to be watched and it’s certainly more likely to be retained than large blocks of boring text.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to create and produce video marketing that really hits the mark at a cost you can afford. Take a look at how Blue Bee Solutions can help you today



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