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Market Research

Blue Bee in Salisbury delivers all the market research tools your business needs.

For many businesses, particularly those with limited resources or working on tight budgets, undertaking market research can be challenging. The trouble is that it’s absolutely vital if you want to be compete successfully in today’s commercial marketplace. We’re a digital marketing agency that prides itself on delivering high quality intelligence to our clients, helping them to make better marketing and product/service development decisions. Our customers operate in a wide range of sectors and come from as far afield as Salisbury and Andover to Clerkenwell near the heart of London.

Customer Research

The more you understand your customers, the easier you are going to find it to reach out and engage with them effectively. Are they a certain age? What sort of things get them up in the morning? Is your product or service aimed at professionals or simply people who want to have some fun?
At Blue Bee, our market research team drills deep into those vital specifics used to inform a range of marketing strategies such as pay per click and social media engagement.

Trends in the Market

Most businesses work in a set sector and keeping up with the latest developments is key to future growth and customer engagement. We’ll be able to take a good, hard look at what’s happening in your arena and discover what the future holds. That means you have your finger on the pulse of your sector or industry at all times.

Competitor Research

What are your nearest competitors up to? Are they forging ahead of your business and delivering more to customers? Knowing what your competitors are doing well (but also what they aren’t doing so well) is a key part of market research and our Salisbury team are here to help right now.

Primary and Secondary Market Research

There are many different types of market research, all of which have their uses. Primary market research includes things like running focus groups and monitoring online customer behaviour. Secondary can include more general research such as checking business sector news. All of these are time consuming and produce a huge amount of data.
At Blue Bee, our market research team will be able to focus on the data that matters to your business and bring it to life in easy to follow reports.

Contact the Market Research Team at Blue Bee

Whether you don’t have time to carry out the research or simply want a fresh pair of eyes on the data, our experienced market research team in Salisbury can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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