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Develop the lead generation campaign that works for your business.

Lead generation is more than just creating interest in your product or service. It’s getting your brand in front of the right people at the right time and ensuring the sales funnel works to convert as many as possible into customers.
At Blue Bee, we provide a tailored approach for each business. Our experienced marketing team in Salisbury always brings their extensive lead generation knowledge and ability to the table, driving the right traffic to your door. We also have clients in Clerkenwell, London, and Andover.

Marketing Audit

Every lead generation project starts with your very own Blue Bee marketing report. We look at your current plan, including internal and external marketing, your turnover and what your target is for the next 12 months. We then work with you to decide how to achieve this target.


If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to get used to SEO and PPC. Using keywords and titles that relate to your business can ensure that your website ranks highly during keyword searches, all of which drives traffic to your website and increase sales. PPC works quickly and delivers great results if you have an expert team backing you up.

Social Media Engagement

Our PPC service is more than just targeted to Google AdWords, we also look at the social media aspects of lead generation. Social media is important to businesses and learning how to engage can supercharge your sales stream in ways you may never have imagined. It all depends on having a great plan though. And that’s what we’re known for at Blue Bee.


Videography is a powerful tool in today’s digital marketing environment. More of us nowadays access video content on our mobile phones. If you want your business to connect with customers in this way, you need to have a strategy. We can help create high-quality video marketing content that gets your business seen and improves your lead generation by promoting your brand in new and exciting ways.

Photo Shoots

Good images and good photography can transform a dull website into something that looks great and attracts more customers. You can also use these images for blogs and social media. Here at Blue Bee, we can develop a portfolio of attractive, high-resolution photos for your website, social media accounts, and blogs.


Blogging creates fresh and valuable content, which improves your search engine rankings and pushes more customers towards your website. It can also help build your reputation as someone customers are keen to do business with.

Web Page Optimisation

Over 80% of the traffic to your website will land on your homepage. Here at Blue Bee, we are able to optimise all your web pages, ensuring the lead generation process works for you.


Some of us love pop-ups, some of us hate them. But no matter how you feel about them, you cannot argue with the fact that they work. If this is something you need for your website, we can create the call to action that gets exactly the right response.

Your Personal Account Manager

Everyone likes to feel that they are getting a personal service, which is why here at Blue Bee we offer a dedicated account manager you can get to know and trust over time. Available when you need them, your account manager will be able to explain every step of the lead generation process and ensure everything is tailored to your exact needs.
Get more customers into that sales funnel today, contact our Salisbury lead generation team today.


Whatever your digital marketing needs, our Salisbury and Clerkenwell lead generation team are on hand right now. We've helped many businesses in Salisbury, Andover, London and beyond to reach their audience with lead generation. If you want to create a real impression that customers will love, contact our digital experts today.

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