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Why Local SEO works a treat for your business

Okay, you’ve probably heard all about how ‘you need to be on Google’ to bring in new customers. Maybe you’ve heard people say all you need is to get on Google, or maybe on their first page, and you’ll have a barrel load of new business.

Well, sadly, that’s not quite true, far from it in fact. Of course, being on Google is better than not being on Google. However, the reality is - it’s not enough to just be listed on Google. To succeed today in getting the maximum from Google, you need to figure prominently in Local Search and Local SEO.

What’s the difference between Local SEO and just being listed on Google?

In a word, everything.

Listed on Google simply means Google is aware of your website - however, it may be somewhere in the virtual desert, way back on page 37. Nobody searches that far back, usually it’s page one or not at all. Maybe an optimistic searcher may look on page 2, or even 3, but hardly ever sadly.

However, with Local SEO, you stand the best chance to get the maximum benefit of everything Google has to offer.

Have you ever searched on Google for something, and it brings up a map that features three local listings? That’s Google Local Search, and it lists physical locations for businesses, opening times, reviews, directions and so much, much more.

Featuring in Local SEO gives your business so much, much more than just a listing in Google’s directory. Not only will customers be able to find your website, they’ll see photos, find your business in Google Maps, be able to read reviews, opening times and contact you, all of which will influence their buying decision against your competitors.

Think about this. If a customer is searching for a business like yours, who are they likely to choose?

  1. The company that just has a website listed, somewhere on Google? Even if on the first page - its just a website listing.
  2. The company that shows as much information about the business as possible, with user-generated content such as photos and reviews, and that makes it easy for potential customers to contact them?

Well, if you choose (2) - correct, you’ve won a cookie. That’s the advantage your business will have being featured on Google Search and optimised for Local SEO. That’s why Local SEO works a treat for your business!

How do I get featured on Google Search and optimised for Local SEO?

Of course, you can do all of the work yourself - it is possible. However, it takes a lot of time, stress and research to just get listed, let alone optimised for Local SEO in Google Search.

See, there’s many different sub-tasks to undertake, and the truth is, it’s not just a once-only job. It takes time and expertise to optimise for Local SEO, to ensure your company or business gets the optimum visibility.

This is why it’s better to use a Local SEO agency, who can understand your business and audience, and bring the right customers to your door.

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